How do I sign-up?

You simply need to verify your 10 digit mobile number using the OTP and proceed to the game.

I am getting redirected / prompted to install an app from an “unknown source”. Is it safe?

WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments facilitates a superior game experience by enabling users to download Android APK files. Rest assured all these have been verified and have no adverse impact on user’s mobile device.

Is this download harmful?

If you are getting such a message on your screen, don’t worry! Please go ahead and click on OK and proceed with downloading. WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments is not harmful to your devices.

Do I need to add my profile compulsorily?

No – You can get started without doing so. Profile completion can happen at a later stage.

Where do I find the OTP?

You will get an SMS on your registered mobile number.

How do I claim my sign-up / joining bonus?

The moment you have successfully created your mobile number based account on WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments, you can be eligible to a joining bonus on your account which you can use for the purpose of playing games.

Real Money Deposit / Withdrawal

How do I deposit money in WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments?

Follow these steps: Open App > My Wallet > Add Cash.
Here you can add Cash to your Deposit wallet in the denominations of ₹20, ₹50 and ₹100 via Paytm.

How do I withdraw money from WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments?

Follow these steps: Open App > My Wallet > Withdraw.
Here you can withdraw Cash from your Winnings Balance, with a minimum withdrawal of ₹50.

How much can I withdraw at a time and when?

You can withdraw money from your Winnings Wallet as soon as the balance in it is INR 100 or more.

What is the maximum amount that I can withdraw?

The maximum amount one can withdraw in a single transaction is Rs 125.

How long will it take for me to get my withdrawal amount once I request it?

You will generally receive your winnings via Paytm on the same day, subject to banking restrictions, Paytm and network delays.

I didn’t receive money in my Paytm account after withdrawal. Why?

This might happen because of the following reasons

As long as you have entered the correct details of your Paytm wallet/bank account, you should receive money on withdrawal. You can also see the status of transactions in your withdrawals history. In case, of any verified discrepancies, we will refund the money back into your Paytm account within 7 working days. Please contact our support for help with specific issues.

Entry Fees / Winnings

What if my entry fee was deducted but the game entry was not successful. What do I do?

Please mail us immediately on In rare case it happens we shall reverse the fees to you within 7 working days.

How much can I win?

In WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments, you will receive payouts on winning Contests. The amount of winnings depends on the Contest. The Company reserves the right to change the schedule, structure and payout of the tournament or cancel any tournament without any prior notice.

Gameplay Issues

What is the game format?

WCC Rivals is a one-over, 1v1 cricket match between you and a random opponent. You will each play both batting and bowling; order is decided by a toss.

Do I need an internet connection while playing?

Yes, you will need an internet connection at all times while playing WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments. WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments recommends that you use 4G or fast WiFi.

What if my internet and power disconnects just before the final result?

In that case the outcome will be treated as a victory for your opponent and a loss for you.

Will I be charged by the operator for the data/internet I consume?

Your internet connectivity is something which you will have to ensure at your cost regardless of carrier, provider etc.

How is a win determined?

Winning in WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments is generally as per the rules of cricket as applied to a 1 over format. While batting first, the objective is to bowl out the opponent before they score more than you. While bowling first, the objective will be to restrict the runs scored by the opponent and score more than them in your batting innings.

What happens when the game is a tie?

When the game is a tie, the prize pool will be split between you and your opponent.

How is my leaderboard rank calculated?

Your rank is based on the total amount won, accumulated daily.

Can I pause during gameplay?

Since WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments is real-time multiplayer, pause functionality is not available.

What if I quit/disconnect during gameplay?

Since WCC Rivals Cash Tournaments is real-time multiplayer, quitting or disconnecting will be treated as a victory for your opponent and a loss for you. The game will attempt to reconnect you in case of signal problems for a maximum of 20 seconds, however no guarantee is given that you will be successfully reconnected.

Batting Controls
Bowling Controls